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Irene and her Carrotpepper Handbag Brand

Today we leave Italy looking forward new and young fashion designer… I am honored to present and tell you the story and the career of Irene Kusuma a young a talented fashion designer.

Irene has an interesting and international background… Irene was born and spent her childhood in tropical Indonesia, then she moved to USA in 1997 where she studied Interior Design at Iowa State University. In 2002, she worked in an Architecture company in Los Angeles, California and in 2005 she married a Japanese man and her daughter was born in 2007 in California. In 2008 Irene and her family made a big and important move to come back to Asia, at Singapore; they chose this town because of they thought was the middle between our big families from two different countries. Irene’s activity as fashion designer started in 2009 when she founded CARROTPEPPER HANDBAG BRAND as an independent custom handcraft bag. In 2017 she formally studied accessory design in Milan Fashion Campus, in Milan, where she  got many inspirations from Milan city and learned so much knowledge from the school…

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How and when your passion for fashion born? “I always love street style fashion since teenager. I like fashion that are away from mainstream. I had always fascinated seeing handcrafted couture fashion. Fashion that involved stories, cultures and handwork in it.”

 Tell us about the beginning of your career… “I visited Japan quite often, because of family.
I had discovered many unique materials such as cotton, linen, canvas, denim, as well as the unique silk which came from vintage Japanese kimono.
I began collecting many of those materials, and develop some handbag designs. I started with very simple shapes and then progressing into more variety of bags and clutches.
I sold my bags in local shops, and joining some art design exhibitions in Singapore.
However, currently the cyber world become very advance, and I had been utilizing social media as my showcase.”

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Who choose your products? Which is your target?  “My Products usually chooses people.
Because each of the bags are uniquely different and many are custom made to the user preferences.
My target are, people who seek something unique, one of a kind product. These people are usually appreciate art and handcraft.”

What do you want to communicate through your creations?  “Bag is not something to hold necessity. Bag is statement, bag is fashion, bag represent who you are.
I utilize fabrics from different cultures and turn them into beautiful, very unique bag that represent the character of one that carries. In Japan, people believe in philosophy of “Ichigo-Ichie.” 一期一会. That means treat everyone you meet as if you will never meet them again.
Beauty is a gift of nature where everything is mortal. Everything will eventually disappear with time.
This is why we appreciate every turn of the season,
celebrate beauty of flowers and raindrops that rejuvenate our life.”

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 What are the main challenges and difficulties that a stylist like you have to face ? “Finding new ideas and transform it into particular styles and product is always a good challenge.
However, transforming those products/ styles as a sellable products to customers is challenging. Very often we need to put ourselves in the customer position, is the styling convincing enough for customers to purchase it?”

 Tell us about your ongoing fashion projects… “Currently, I am trying to reach more European market. I am looking for collaboration shop or project which suitable with the style of my bags. Also I am searching for some art/ design/ fashion exhibitions which will be good exposure for my products in European market.”

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 Currently where can we find and buy your creations? “My Products can be viewed at:
To order, you can email to me at: or chat at What Apps +65-82235924. Some Products can be found in a collaboration shop in Milano, M Collective Store – Via San Clemente angolo Piazza Fontana, 1, 20122 Milano MI, Italy”

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