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Little Emerald

Today we leave Italy in order to discover new and interesting brands.
Considering this goal, with this article, I have the pleasure to present you a really smart, elegant and unique brand: Little Emerald Brand.
This label is extremely interesting alla fabrics, shapes and products have a clear and defined messagge… i have never approached a label like this in my life…
Despite the anglosaxon name Little Emerald Brand is a is an Italian Label totally Made in Italy.

Little Emerald Luxury Children-2

This particular brand is the result of the combination between heritage, innovation and reasearch. The target of Little Emerald Brand are kids.

Little Emerald Luxury Children-6

Little Emerald has a unique type of inspitation because of it is a “Renaissance gem” of a kids of an Italian kids fashion label…
The brand targets the high end of the luxury kids fashion business and it produces one collection a year and uses inspiration and textiles based on the history of the Renaissance period.
This label is really unparalleled for its mission considerino that Little Emerald revives antique Italian style from the 16th Century with use of the Renaissance lace exclusively handmade for the label.

Little Emerald Luxury Children-3

Talking about shapes and fabrics I like to underline that lace has traditionally dressed Royal children over decades including newborn Princess Charlotte Elisabeth and the artistry of Little Emerald is reflected in each detail of their couture style dresses, making each piece unique and prestigious.
During the sixteenth century, the technique of lace making was freed from a woven foundation, and became a fabric in its own right. A number of notable pattern books for both needle and bobbin lace were published in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century and these illustrate some of the pictorial designs which became possible using true lace techniques the most famous of which came from Venice and Genoa and which have inspired the collections of Little Emerald today.
Below we have a view of the new collection available at

Little Emerald Luxury Children-4

Little Emerald pieces are online available on the official website and high end department stores around the world.

Little Emerald Luxury Children-5

Social media links: ;

Little Emerald Luxury Children-7

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