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How to combine style and functionality, Notabag

How to combine style and functionality, Notabag
Today I have the pleasure to speak about Notabag a really functional and ~fashion~fashionable bag.
Notabag is a really smart and nice combination of a bag and a backpack…With a single (and easy) pull on the straps, the item transforms itself from a sleek eco-friendly bag to an easy-to-carry backpack.
Inside of the bag, there is an attached pocket where you can keep your wallet or your keys.
When the bag is not in use, it can be folded into that pocket, which becomes a hand-sized pouch and can be easily carried around.
Notabag founder is Adnan Alicusic, who was inspired to create Notabag during a real life challenge…avoid that a shopping bag on bike’s handle bar takes
to fatal situation in a city traffic. Starting from this difficulty Adnan started to visualize a solution to transform a bag into a backpack… the result is Notabag.
Adnan’s vision is not to make Notabag just a trend, but to make Notabag one of the favorite accessories for today’s multi-tasking society and address the real need for a versatile reusable bag, especially now when many cities are even enforcing laws to ban plastic bags…
Notabag is the result of a process of cooperation and sharing: Adnan worked with a team of ambitious and talented young people, including Ilaria Gregianin, who supported it in the process of creating and promoting Notabag…
Notabag founders are  driven by the idea that functionally useful products improve people lives. They believe in the beauty of simplicity and power of intuitive design.
Notabag in 2016 won the German Design Award for excellent product design in fashion and lifestyle category. Its patented design and functionality is protected by the RCD (Registered Community Design).
Notabag has also received media attention from famous design and fashion magazines  such as FastCompany, GOODis, InStyle magazine, Men’s Health, MONOQi,…JUST to mention a few.

About Adnan…
Adnan Alicusic is the founder and creative director of Notabag. He was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and grew up in Germany. Later, he studied visual communication in Chicago, where he also began his career as a graphic designer. Currently he resides in Frankfurt, Germany, where he continues to collaborate on international creative ventures. He is a versatile designer, problem solver, and a creative innovator with a solid background in traditional design principles. His main source of inspiration comes from every-day life situations: people, cultures and new places continuously remind him that life is an ongoing journey, which guides his path to creative expression. If he is not concepting new product ideas or pushing for innovative solutions for a brand’s strategy, he is most likely traveling and enjoying time with family and close friends.

“The Notabag idea was born during a trip to the local farmers market. It was one of those situations that many of us can identify with: the grocery bag filled up very quickly and I still had to ride my bike home. That’s when the real “fun” began. Things got pretty tricky once I found myself in the middle of busy city traffic. I was trying to maneuver my bike, while having a heavy shopping bag on my handlebar bumping against the front wheel. I couldn’t help but wish that I had my backpack with me, or that at least I could carry my shopping bag over the shoulders. At that moment, I started visualizing how a simple bag could be transformed into a backpack.” – Adnan Alicusic, Founder & Creative Director


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